• Arrived 10:44am
  • African-American Civil War Museum
  • Hotel Check-in (Carlyle Suite)
  • Dinner @ Ben's Chili Bowl
  • Washington Monument
  • Lincoln Memorial
  • Korean War Memorial
  • WWII Memorial
  • Smithsonian (African Art and Natural History)
  • Jazz @ the UDC
  • Howard University
  • BET
  • White House tour
  • Mary McLeod Bethune's Home
  • Georgetown University
  • Dinner in Adams/Morgan
  • Frederick Douglass' Home
  • National Zoo
  • Evening in Chinatown

Dear Donors,

During the Washington, D.C trip, the Middle School students of Ile Omode had a great time! Even though it was awesome, it couldnít have been possible without some very special people.

The students, parents, and staff members of Ile Omode would like to thank everyone who donated to our trip. Special thanks to the studentsí parents, the Lumpkins (who donated $500), Mama Kelly (for donating her time to help make reservations), and the chaperones. Thanks to all of you, we had a great trip! Thank You,

Zenzile & students

Diamano Coura
Pivotal Point
Montclair Bakery
Bake Sale Betty
Safeway Bakeries
(Montclair and Rockridge)

Delores Gross
Gwendolyn Blair
Norlisha Long
Kate O'Donnell
Cheryl Watkins
Edna Jones
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Caroline Pope-Chapelle
Will Dow
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Ajamu and Paula Stewart

The middle school students at Ile Omode went on an educational field trip to our nation's capital from April 5-9. The trip gave students a chance to tour historic sites, visit colleges, and meet some exciting people and companies. After returning the students wrote about their experiences, assembled the website you're viewing now, and edited video and photos from their trip. We hope you enjoy the website, and if interested we would love your support for our trip to Atlanta in 2010!
Student Articles

One of the places we visited was BET headquarters. ... we were given a very special treat. We were able to meet the C.E.O of BET, Debra Lee.

Read more about the students' tour of BET's headquarters (Bakare, Dante, Aminah, and Sennua).

Smithsonian Museum
By Marcus Herron

The Smithsonian Museum is located in Washington, D.C. and was great. It was huge and the building on the outside made me speechless. Inside it was even better, we didnít even have to pay. My class and I started at the best exhibit. It had animals from the times of B.C. [Disappointing African Art Museum - Senay]

11 Year Old Terrorist?
By Aminah Muhammad

One student's experience on America's "watch list".
Read other opinion pieces from our middle school students. Students share their first flight, dining out at a "fancy" restaurant, and expose the lies of the Emancipation Proclamation.

There are a number of interesting articles, be sure to check out the student columns and the video gallery (both on the menu bar above), and read Adrien's article on preparing for the trip, which has many links to the articles. All the articles are listed below.

Other Student Articles

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The Civil War Museum by Bakare Awakoaiye

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Day at the Smithsonian by Marcus Herron

Secrets of the Douglass Home by Marcus Herron

Tales of the Curator - The African American Civil War Museum by Marcus Herron

Our Flight by Senay Alkebulan

Smithsonian Museum by Senay Alkebulan

Get Your Knowledge at this College (Howard University) by Senay Alkebulan

Preparing for Our Trip by Adrien Herron

One Student's Experience by Adrien Herron

Jazz Concert by Dante Johnson

Staying at the Carlyle Suites by Dante Johnson

BET Headquarters by Dante Johnson

BET Tour by Aminah Muhammad

11 year old Terrorist by Aminah Muhammad

Howard University by Aminah Muhammad

Getting Dressed to Go Out by Zenzile Riddick

First Time Flyer by Zenzile Riddick

BET CEO Debra Lee's Office by Zenzile Riddick

The Longest Flight Ever by Sennua Hunter

BET's Fabulous Headquarters by Sennua Hunter

Our Last Day in DC by Sennua Hunter

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Video Tour of Mary McLeod Bethune's Home
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