Student Opinions
11 Year Old Terrorist
By Aminah Muhammad
Aminah Muhammad shares her opinion on the watchlist at the airport, wondering if she's a terrorist or not.
She states her feelings about being watched because of her last name.
First-time Flyer
By Zenzile Riddick
Do you remember your first flight? Zenzile shares her experiences of taking to the air for the first time.
The Lie that Continues
By Bakare Awakoaiye
Abraham Lincoln didn't free the slaves. Bakare talks about the slaves freeing themselves which most people do not know.
Flight to D.C.
By Senay Alkebulan
Senay Alkebulan shared his experience on the plane.
He explained the whole ride and even stated what someone said when they landed.
Getting Dressed to Go Out
By Zenzile Riddick
First of all, it all starts off with the first question - what Im going to wear? Skirt or dress? Leggings or tights? Even though we only had one suitcase each, youd be surprised at all the choices we had.
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