2009 Web projects
Students created a website after the first inaugural college tour to Washington, DC in 2009.

2019 Trip FAQ
Travel Dates

We will visit Washington, DC and Baltimore, Maryland (and surrounding areas) from April 22 through April 27, 2019. We'll take a red eye flight departing from either SFO or OAK (to be determined) on, Sunday, April 21, and return sometime on Saturday, April 27. This time period was chosen to ensure each college we visit will be in session (we're trying to avoid spring break and finals), and to schedule as far out to minimize inclement weather (we've been very lucky on previous tours). Specific travel times will be provided once they're confirmed.


Parents should budget $1200 for the total trip. Any money raised by students (through the chocolate candy fundraiser for example) is deducted from this amount. Payment amounts (and dates) are:
- $150 (Nov 15)
- $200 (Dec 7)
- $200 (Jan 17)
- $200 (Feb 14)
- $450 (Mar 28)

These dates are optional, however, we must receive a total of $500 by Jan 17, and $1200 by Mar 28.

Requirements to Participate

Students must remain in good academic standings and have no school infractions. Families must be in good financial standings.

Airline Tickets

Tickets will be purchased sometime after January 1. The first and second deposits are used to secure tickets. This could happen ANYTIME after January 1; it could be January 2nd or two months later. We will begin looking for low price tickets and the moment we find them we're going to make a purchase. These tickets are non-refundable and non-transferrable. So if for any reasons YOUR CHILD CAN'T ATTEND, the ticket cost is lost.


At our January meeting, we'll finalize the chaperones, but chaperones should expect to pay about $700, and as has been emphasized should expect to work the ENTIRE trip. Chaperones must have their money for tickets by the January date as well.

Chocolate Fundraiser
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