Scholarship Receipient Spotlight

Your contributions allow students to receive the education they deserve

Maya Jenkins

Through the scholarship program
Maya and her two sisters were
able to attend Ile Omode, and
Maya took advantage of the
opportunity; she was on the
scholar's list for 4-straight
terms, and received acceptance to
her first choice private high school.

Friends of Ile Omode

Friends of Ile Omode is the school's annual giving fund. The fund allows supporters of Ile Omode to provide annual contributions, principally to the school's scholarship program, although donors can designate alternative programs to fund.

About the Friends of Ile Omode Fund

The Friends of Ile Omode was started in 2002 to provide interested individuals (or groups) with an opportunity to financially contribute to the school. Friends of the school provide an annual contribution of any amount. Contributions can be as little as $25, although we encourage Friends to contribute a minimum of $100.

Friends are only required to make a single financial contribution each year. While the minimum contribution is $25, special gifts are available for contributions greater than $100. Contributions of $100 or more will receive a “Friends of Ile Omode” t-shirt, and contributions exceeding $250 will receive a special gift.

Friend Levels

Includes three giving levels. Click the "Donate" button to review all the contribution levels.

Legacy: In becoming a Legacy contributor you honor two institutions which provided models for community empowerment - the Honorable Marcus Garvey's shipping line, the Black Star Line, and the influent city in Oklahoma, described as the "Black" Wallstreet. Contributions at this giving level begin at $1,000.

Leader's Circle: Honors two individuals, Madame C.J. Walker and William Alexander Leidesdorff, who were financial giants in their day, and who provided employment and career opportunities for African-Americans when there were so few opportunities available. The Leader's Circle contribution begin at $250.

Community Builders: This giving level honors those who devoted their lives to help build our institution, and includes Mama Jasiri Kadiri and Baba David Stewart. Mama Jasiri was one of the founding mothers and served as preschool director until her passing. Baba David was a graduate of Grambling University, a union leader in Oakland for decades, and was a property owner. In the years prior to his passing he was an absolute unwavering supporter of Ile Omode. Because there are so many quiet donors who have been instrumental in our school's existence we also named a "Supporter" which recognizing the many people who have devoted their time, talent, and money to Ile Omode. Honoring these community builders encompasses any amount up to $249.