Students at Laney

Advanced Studies
A partnership with a local.
community college, allows our
advanced students to concurrently
enroll in Intermediate Algebra.

Howard Univ

College Tours
Trips to DC and Atlanta extend
classroom lessons and help
students envision themselves as

Song - "Teach the Children"

The intent of our curriculum is wonderfully captured in one of our most revered songs, "Teach the Children". In the recording below, it is sung by Sis Chanita, and introduced by Mama Akanke Peyton.


The Sankofa bird from the Akan tradition is an apt metaphor for Ile Omode's curriculum, which endeavors to bring the most relevant pedagogical models while continuing in the best practices of African people. Resurrecting the educational models from the past, including the people of ancient Egypt as well as the civilizations throughout the Diaspora; while remembering the educational models that African people in America created - following in the traditions of Mary McLeod Bethune, Booker T. Washington, and many others.


We've written some of our own, and use books you won't find in many schools.


Laptops or tablets to every student from 3rd to 8th grade.

Performing Arts
Our students are exposed to dance, West African drums, and jazz.


Ile Omode School’s curriculum is based on a cognitive approach to learning. This approach emphasizes creative thinking and problem solving. By cognitive learning we simply mean learning through experience. The classroom experience embodies hands on teaching methods, student directed learning activities and self-motivation incentives - the focus for learning is removed from the usual teacher centered teaching methods. The intellectual development of the student is guided by activities that stimulate their curiosity and ultimately their high critical thinking.

The range of skills to be developed in the following areas will be appropriate to each child's development level, including: Language Arts, Science, Art, Math, Music and Dance, Social Science, Social Skills, Community Awareness, Physical Education, Health, and Spiritual Development (inner soul)

The binding threads that run through the entire curriculum are:

Praise to our Creator,
Honor and respect for our elders and ancestors,
Knowledge and love of who we are,
and finally,
restoration of our people to our traditional greatness.

Ile Omode's curriculum is designed to meet and exceed standards of achievement outlined by the California State Department of Education. Our curriculum contains elements derived from the Council of Independent Black Institution's (CIBI) instructional guidelines which encourages an African centered approach to education. This assures that our children will learn about African culture and traditions that have influenced world history and culture. Thus, the curriculum is based on the following:

  • Council of Independent Black Institutions
  • Oakland Unified School District's curriculum content standards
  • State of California Framework

We of course extend these requirements to meet the specific needs of our students and our community, as we seek to incorporate the best principles and practices from our ancestors and throughout the diaspora. Additionally we offer an extensive array of enrichment programs

Enrichment programs are designed to enhance the core curriculum and serves as an extension of our core subjects. We don't view enrichment programs as "extra curricular", but rather as "required curricular". Music for example, aids in math instruction, and capoeira benefits history instruction. Other programs that run through a typical school week include African dance, drumming, capoeira, computer training, singing, and martial arts.