Students at Laney

Find the New Face?
Finding the new face at Ile
Omode is always difficult,
because from the first day
you're family

City Hall Proclamation

City Hall Proclamation
The director and school were
honored at Oakland's City Council
for over 20 years of dedication to
youth in the community.

Director and family

The Family
The director and his family
celebrating their oldest child's
high school graduation

Greetings from the Director

A handshake. A hug. A "pound", or just a warm smile are but a handful of gestures to let you know that you are welcomed in this community.

Baba Jahi

Baba Jahi Awakoaiye
Baba Jahi has been at the helm of Ile Omode
since 2001 and has been instrumental in
the school's revitalization.


Welcome and thank you for taking the time to peruse our website, and in doing so experience a small slice of our educational community. Since 1986 we have dedicated ourselves to educating African-American youth, and believe that the role we play is absolutely vital to the health and vitality of this community, both locally and throughout the diaspora.

We are challenged to create new leaders who borrow from the traditions of our past, but are fully cogniziant of their place in this century and the tools it offers. Our young people must see their contribution in the greater effort as envisioned by Dr. W.E.B. DuBois and others. They must speak with authentic voices so that they might answer the call to be human, which as Dr. Maulana Karenga suggest is to "be divine"; seeking the highest good in ourselves and in others.

This is not a mission which we take with heavy shoulders for it is our calling. From preschool to eighth grade we want every child to find their calling in an environment filled with love and surrounded by people with the highest expectations for their possibilities.

To do so is "more than a notion", and our collective success requires that we engage the entire community. Whether you are a prospective parent or supporter, know that our success requires you, so learn more about us through our website, but take time to visit our school and learn what makes Ile Omode special.

A Timeline of Directors at Ile Omode

Mama Okanona Holmes
Mama Okanona Holmes

Mama Ni'mat Shaheed
Mama Maafi Gueye

Mama Okanona Holmes
Mama Okanona Holmes

Mama Ni'mat Shaheed
Mama Ni'mat Shaheed

NOTES: Baba Abubakar Omari served as interim director in 2000-2001, and Minister Mxolisi Ozo-Sowande and Baba Jahi Awakoaiye served as co-directors in 2001-2002.