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An All New Playground!

After years of slow deterioration, our school is finally prepared to renovate our campus playground, and we couldn’t be more enthusiastic as our young scholars prepare to return to school. Our efforts are aimed at addressing several safety hazards, improving the general aesthetics, and significantly improving the play opportunities for our students on the playground. With generous donations from several contributors, the work for the $100K renovation is finally underway.

The project is divided into 3 phases, with the first, and largest phase beginning in August with completion scheduled for September. In the first phase the entire grounds are removed and replaced, along with adding play equipment. We’re still seeking contributions for those interested in helping fund the later 2 phases of renovation, which includes outdoor and touchless indoor water fountains, outdoor AV and many other improvements. Previous projects brought a new fence, new trees and a play structure, and we continue to invest in efforts to provide our young people with beautiful spaces to lift their spirits.

The first image in a slideshow demo. First ground breaking on August 19th
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