Ile Omode
8924 Holly Street
Oakland, Califofrnia
Director-Baba Jahi Awakoaiye

Middle School Students

Marcus Herron
Tajan Adams
Isis Fuller
Bakare Awakoaiye
Senay Alkebulan
Dante' Johnson
Zenzile Riddick
Sennua Hunter
Aminah Muhammad


Mama Tyanne
Baba Jahi
Mama Kelly

The students that participates in this trip were all very excited. They all worked very hard on this trip. They put together fundraisers and attempted to even to start a business. The parents and teacher that chaperoned on the trip were Mama Tyanne, Baba Jahi, and Mama Kelly. All of them took time out of their spring break just to chaperone the trip. They also assisted the middle school students on preparing the trip.

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